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Carl Finley was a soldier genetically enhanced by the United States Government, before the Joker transformed his psychology to make him work for him as Straightman.

Carl Finley came from an affluent family and went to a prep school during his younger years. He was a Heisman Trophy winner in college and after graduating, enlisted for military service. Finley was sent to West Point to serve as a cadet and became a special forces operative, eventually achieving the rank of captain. There, the United States Government selected him as a subject for its super-soldier program that would turn a person into the ultimate crimefighter. During his operation, the Joker barged in and forced to doctors to hand the charge to him at gunpoint, before working on his frontal lobes to transform his psychology and make him loyal to him.[1][2]

Finley started working for the Joker under the name "Straightman". Despite his name, he was bad at doing comedy.[2] Some time later at the Amusement Mile, Joker had him attack Jason Todd after spotting him spying on them. Straightman knocked over the Ferris wheel Jason was spying from, and the latter was surprised to find he was impervious to bullets. Straightman then threw a Ferris wheel car at him, before Joker threw a grenade at Jason. Joker then forced his henchman to get in the car, so they could escape.[3]

The Joker later came to the Iceberg Lounge, asking for money, but the Penguin rejected it, stating he knew someone was trying to kill him and he'd like to see how the situation turns out. As the Joker ordered Straightman to threaten him, the Penguin called in Mr. Wing to deal with him. Mr. Wing was however severely outmatched in the fight and knocked out. Jason mounted his attack at the exact moment, firing a hail of darts at Straightman and knocking him onto the iceberg, before throwing a grenade at the heavy chandelier above him, causing it to partly shatter and fall with its jagged edges upon him.[1]

Straightman however survived and went to rescue Joker, who had been kidnapped by Jason, due to a homing device planted in his skull. As Straightman grabbed Jason, Batman attacked him with a crowbar, given to him by Tim Drake who had freed himself of the tank Jason was trying to drown him in. This however proved ineffective and he soon used his own strength against him, dodging his punches which caused him to hit the nearby wall. This caused the old pipes carrying water to explode, washing both Joker and Straightman into the sea.[4]

Joker and Straightman however survived the encounter with Jason, hiding at the Ha-Ha-Hide-Away from Batman. After finding out that his ex-girlfriend Harley Quinn had sent invites for a Christmas party to everyone except him, he decided to take revenge by targeting the now-cured Arnold Wesker, whom he considered a loser and nobody.[5]

Straightman was sent to Arkham Asylum to retrieve the Scarface puppet, which Wesker used to regard as a real person and his boss in the past. The two later went to Harley's party at the Iceberg Lounge, pretending they had brought a present, but Batman under the disguise of "Knute Brody" spoiled Joker's plan by tossing gifts at everyone, which created a ruckus. After he claimed that the cops had surrounded them, Joker and Straightman escaped the club along with other villains. Finley struck Batman from behind after he helped Wesker escape, and Joker initially ordered him to brutally beat him up. They were however forced to spare him after seeing the police come their way and fled.[2]

Finley and Joker later went to Wesker's home, placing Scarface on his chair. Wesker was shocked to discover Scarface there and Joker revealed they had brought the puppet so he could be reunited with him, adding Finley had even shined him up for the occassion. Finley put Scarface back on his hand, causing Wesker to relapse into his Scarface persona. As Scarface tried to attack Wesker for abandoning him, he sensed a pleasant smell. Finley revealed it was due to furniture polish he put on him, which Scarface approved of. Scarface then took Straightman to Santa's Town, where he had hidden the CX-8000 explosive, and which Joker wanted to use. After arriving there, he told Straightman to check the candy canes to find them.[6]

At his hideout, Joker commended Scarface for thinking up about a plan to blow people on New Year's Eve. On the scheduled day, the four reached a subway station via a railcar. As Joker planted the explosives, Finley questioned him why the station was empty, with Joker revealing that it had been shut down to keep out the crowd during the day. Scarface questioned Joker about the ransom money, but he revealed he never demanded it from the police. He then knocked Wesker out, before telling Finley to start the car as they had less than five minutes to flee. Batman and Robin however soon arrived there, having been told by Wesker where they were through a subway ticket. Batman disabled the controls and fought Finley, who was soon tossed onto Joker's railcar. A train soon hit the car from behind, but Finley and Joker survived. Finley fled to Gotham's suburbs in order to escape the police.[6]




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