In 1939, Carl Kruger escaped from an insane asylum, invented an advanced electronic weapon, recruited a 2,000-man private army called the Scarlet Horde, equipped them with dirigibles and death rays, and attacked Manhattan.

Kruger died in a plane crash during a struggle with New York City's mysterious vigilante, Batman.


  • Aviation: Kruger was a skilled fighter pilot, but not as good as Batman.
  • Science: Kruger invented an armored dirigible and death rays.



  • Red dirigible


  • Death ray
  • Carl Kruger physically resembled Napoleon Bonaparte, and adopted Napoleonic uniforms for himself, his three main lieutenants (Bixley, Ryder, and Travis), and his "Scarlet Horde".
  • Kruger's body was retrieved from the river and identified by the NYPD.
  • The later Batman villain Colonel Blimp is inspired by Kruger.


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