After getting numerous hideously deformed offspring with women of Gemworld, Dark Opal decided to "adopt" an Earth boy as his charge: Carl Nelligan, or Carnelian as he became known.

He served his father during his evil machinations, even after Dark Opal's death.

After Dark Opal was defeated for a second time, Carnelian sought to change himself. He entered the teachings of his uncle, White Opal, and eventually claimed his place on the throne of Opal, becoming a respected member of the royalty of Gemworld.


  • Firearms: Carnelian regularly carried firearms, and was quite proficient with them.


  • No Magic: Because of his Earth-bound origin, Carnelian had no magical powers.
  • Missing Limb: Carnelian lost his right hand when Granch made his gun explode.



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