The sister of notorious Gotham City crime lord Carmine "The Roman" Falcone, Carla Viti was the head of a criminal organization in Chicago who's strength rivaled that of her brother's.

Carla mothered two children: her son, Johnny who acted as one of Carmine's enforcers and her daughter, Lucia who would later become leader of her mother's crime family after Carla's death. When Johnny got married, Carla returned to Gotham to attend the wedding where she caught a glimpse of Bruce Wayne. Tragedy struck the Viti crime family when Johnny was found dead, shot to death in his own home by a mysterious serial killer known only as Holiday. Over the course of the next few months, several more criminals (usually associated with the Falcones) were iced by Holiday. On New Year's Eve, the Falcone Family suffered their heaviest hit from Holiday when Carmine's own son Alberto was killed. Carla managed to retrieve the pistol Holiday had used to kill Alberto, and planned on tracking the murderer down and killing him with the very same gun.

At one point, Carla discovered that her brother was hiring "costumed freaks" such as the Riddler and Scarecrow to maintain his criminal empire. Carla was outraged by this and continued to distrust Carmine. On the Roman Holiday, Carla infiltrated the office of the late Jasper Dolan, the Gotham city Coroner who had been looking into the Holiday killings prior to his death on the 4th of July. . Carla began looking through Dolan's files on the Holiday killings, in hopes of finding a clue to who Holiday actually was. Carla first looked through Johnny's file, but found no information on Holiday. Carla then moved on to Alberto's file. Just as Carla opened the file, Holiday entered the office. Before Carla could even react, Holiday killed her with just two shots, making Carla one of Holiday's final victims. The day Carla was killed, was also the Roman Holiday.


Excellent Marksman, various underworld connections.


Gun of choice.

Carla is believed to have taken control of the Chicago mob after the death of her husband, Chicago mob boss Felice Viti.



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