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Carla White was a lawyer who became a Darkstar under the supervision of Ferrin Colos.


Carla White studied at a prestigious law school and became a lawyer working for her father's firm. She successfully defended the businessman Frank Pappas on trial, accused of murder. Little did she know that Pappas was involved in a drug ring working with alien suppliers, marketing the "Loco" drug on Dallas' streets, especially homeless people.[1] When Darkstar Colos and the Dallas Police Department raided the drug factory, and Pappas' illicit activities came to light, Carla resigned from her law firm, disappointed to have defended "scum" like him.[2]

Refusing to defend Frank Pappas again, Carla became a target. She was kidnapped and locked in a slaver ship schedule to take the slaves to another star system. The operation was once again thwarted by the Darkstars, alongside Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Carla also lead her fellow slaves to rise against the kidnappers and help the Darkstars. Colos was impressed by Carla's courage and hopefulness.[3]

Following the incident, Carla helped the Darkstars set up an office in Dallas.[4] Carla was attracted to Colos, despite him being an alien, and she took him to a western-themed bar to show him some of Earth's customs. It didn't took long for trouble to show up, and a mercenary hired to kill Colos crashed through the building. With the killer having the upper hand against Colos and Mo Douglas, Carla took the suit from the wounded Mo and helped Ferrin defeat the threat. Again, Colos was greatly impressed to see Carla put herself in danger to save him.[5] Taking the mantle from the previous deputy, Carla was officially deputized shortly after that fight.[6]


Still inexperienced with her new responsibility, Carla's first big job as a Darkstar was during a crisis on the planet Maltus, when the godly Triarch attempted to reshape the universe. Carla met and worked alongside other fellow Darkstars, and even joined forces with the Green Lantern Corps and L.E.G.I.O.N..[7]

In time, Carla developed some attraction to Ferrin Colos, but she didn't feel he could reciprocate. The feeling got worse when the Darkstars had to pursue and apprehend Merayn Dethalis, another Darkstar with whom Ferrin had a close bond in the past.[8]

When Ferrin Colos was accused of betraying the organization and disobeying orders, Carla acted as Colos' legal counsel. However, her experience in law was not enough to win the trial, and Jeddigar declared Colos guilty and demoted him from the Darkstars, announcing his replacement in that same moment: the Earther Donna Troy.[9]

Still not used to her new leader, things went downhill from there for Carla. Shortly after the trial, Colos returned and convinced many Darkstars, including Donna and the newly appointed John Stewart, to fight back against Jeddigar. Carla and Mo helped their friend, but the battle ended with the apparent death of Ferrin Colos.[10] The loss was so heavy for Carla that she ended up stepping out of the Darkstars shortly after, following an opportunity to help the homeless on a more direct way.[11]

To her surprise, Ferrin Colos returned to Earth some time later, and Carla received him with open arms and a tender kiss.[12]





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