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Carleton LeHah, alias Biis, is a former acolyte of the Order of St. Dumas who became a frequent opponent of Azrael. LeHah has a significant criminal empire. He believes he serves the demon Biis and will don the demon's regalia to 'become' his master if he is to engage in physical combat.

Sword of Azrael

LeHah left the Order of St. Dumas when he stole money from them and used it to set himself up as the owner of a lucrative business dealing in exotic arms. This earned him the ire of the Order, who sent Jean-Paul Valley's father, the Azrael at the time, to kill him. The encounter resulted in Azrael being mortally wounded, and LeHah's right eye being destroyed.[1] He later tried to kill Jean-Paul before he could become a new Azrael, but failed. After a scuffle with Batman and Azrael in an oil refinery in Texas, LeHah seemingly burned to death.[2]

However, LeHah survived,[3] and later returned to plague Jean-Paul Valley (now Azrael) again, clashing with him several times.


Later, LeHah established a truce with the Order of St. Dumas based on their mutual goal of eliminating Azrael, who wanted to prevent them from releasing the "Clench" virus.[4]

Fallen Angel

Biis eventually teamed up with Scratch, Azrael's other arch-enemy, and together they fought Azrael. During the battle, Biis shot Azrael multiple times with teflon coated bullets, just as he had done to the previous Azrael. This resulted in Biis and Azrael falling off of a balcony, and into the Gotham River. Azrael's body was never found, and Scratch was arrested, but LeHah survived.[5] His current status remains unknown.


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Lehah's twisted logic can get him into trouble, but playing mind games with him can backfire.



  • Handguns: As a dealer of exotic weapons, LeHah has a wide array of such arms available to him. He personally prefers to uses dual semi-automatic handguns loaded with teflon tipped bullets, which can pierce armored vests.[1]



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