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Quote1.png You mess with Charlie, you mess with an empire of grief! Quote2.png
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"Little Boots" Calzone was once the young mastermind of the Rome underworld.

However, as he became a recurring foe of the crime-fighter known as the Legionary, he began acting like the Roman emperor - engaging in grand schemes and smacking underpeforming underlings with a fish he referred to as "Senator Fishy". As the years went on, he became trapped in his own mad act. However, as the Legionary became less interested in crime-fighting, Charlie Caligula became stuck in his criminal persona, with no outlet.

He was recruited by Doctor Hurt for the Club of Villains.[1] After joining, Carlo organized the arrival of a large stash of weapons and ammunition to supply the Club, but his plan was thwarted by Batman. Carlo was captured by Batman and forced to confess the secrets about the Club of Villains.[2]


  • Doctor Hurt did not hold Charlie Caligula in very high regard, referring to him as "The stick insect" at one point.
  • Carlo Calzone is also known as Little Boots Calzone and God-Emperor of Crime.



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