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Carlos Alvarez is a Detective in the Gotham City Police Department.

Detective Alvarez tried to persuade Lieutenant Winston that seventeen similar burglaries were all carried out by the same perpetrator. The Lieutenant was skeptical and dismissive, thinking that Alvarez stirred up too much trouble. Alvarez had previously caught the deputy mayor with two prostitutes, and as a result he was moved to the Major Crimes Unit. Alvarez hoped to get a forensic unit to go over each of the old crime scenes to prove his theory. The Lieutenant doesn't want to give up the resources.[1]

Detective Alvarez attempted to prove to his superiors that the robberies that he believes are linked were all committed by Catwoman. Lieutenant Winston refused to hear any of Alvarez' theories, and the detective began to suspect that the Lieutenant was corrupt. Alvarez discovered that Winston and some of his compatriots were behind the drug deal that Catwoman intercepted, and they were angry that she succeeded despite having a super-powered bag lady like Reach on their team.

Meanwhile, Catwoman realized that the money she robbed was not just dirty drug money, and it was far more than she expected nearly $425,000. She realized that whoever this money belonged to was probably going to come looking for it. Unfortunately, all the bills were already marked, and Winston's men were soon notified. She rode her motorcycle through the alley only to find a GCPD SWAT barricade at the other end. With daring, she drove right through it, escaping into the park. Eventually, she was knocked from her bike, and surrounded by officers; placed under arrest.[2]

Detective Alvarez was surprised to be informed that Catwoman wasn't in the precinct, having heard over the radio that she had been apprehended. The dispatcher claimed that Catwoman escaped from the back of an unmarked car on the way to the station. Alvarez disbelieved the explanation, and finally realized that Detectives Mulrooney, Ester, and Davis must have snuck her into the back to keep their corruption under wraps.

Detective Alvarez' found Catwoman being attacked and interrogated by Reach, but before Reach could completely asphyxiate Catwoman, Detective Alvarez cracked Reach hard over the head with a nightstick. Realizing what was going on, Alvarez went against his instincts, and allowed Catwoman to escape, despite having searched for her for some time.[3]




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