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Carlos Magno (b. December 13th, 1976) is a comic book artist.

Personal History

Carlos Magno is older son of Zenite and Paulo and has two young sisters, Thaís and Fernanda. In the end of the 70s, Carlos moved to Santa Catarina state, where he started his education. After that, his father moved with his family to the other city in the country, and Carlos conclude his studies. Always been loved about the comics, Carlos has started his journey in middle of 90s. But, just in the begin of 2005, he got the first job in BOOM COMICS, drawing a tale written by Mark Waid in Zombie Tales. Carlos lives in Curitiba with his wife Ingret.

Professional History

Carlos was gradued in the Fine Arts of Curitiba-PR-Brazil. His Comic works include Zombie Tales- BOOM COMICS; Captain Universe- Marvel Comics; The Phantom- Moonstone Books; Countdown, Green Lantern Corps, Cyborg- DC Comics.

Work History

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