Carmine Falcone was a crime boss of the Falcone Crime Family.

He and along with Hamilton Hill and Thomas Wayne secretly collaborated to control Gotham City.

When Bruce Wayne inherit his family business, Falcone made an unannounced visit at Wayne Manor, where a private fundraiser was being held for mayoral candidate, Harvey Dent, to discuss a partnership with Bruce. Bruce rejected his offer and making himself an enemy of Falcone. The day after, Bruce was publicly confronted with evidences of an offshore account directed to his parents by Falcone.

Falcone had hired Catwoman to retrieve a data drive which contains information on Falcone's organization and his dealings with Mayor Hill. The drive was obtained by Batman, who eventually used it to criminalize Falcone. Unaware of the drive's fate, Falcone sent mercenaries to find the drive and stealing chemicals from a warehouse. However, a mysterious tip to the police caused a bloody shootout with Falcone's men and leaving many mercenaries and police officers dead.

Falcone was later attacked by Batman at his penthouse in the Skyline Club. After Batman subdued Falcone's bodyguards, Falcone was interrogated in which he admitted to having ownership of the chemicals, but denied playing a part in the shootout at the warehouse, and the Wayne family having been previously affiliated with his organization. Falcone was then left to being arrested by the authorities.

Due to his violent confrontation with Batman, Falcone was hospitalized and placed under guard by the GCPD. He was confronted by Bruce Wayne for information on his involvement on the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Falcone strongly denied being behind the Waynes' deaths. Even though Falcone did hired the Waynes' killer Joe Chill in his criminal activities, he never ordered the Waynes' death after becoming so close to them. Before he could explain more, Falcone was suddenly shot and killed by a drugged Renee Montoya. It was later learned that Falcone's death was part of Lady Arkham's revenge against Gotham City's elite.


  • Amanda Waller mentions that Carmine was 60 years old when Batman brought him in shortly before his death.


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