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Carmine Falcone is a powerful Gotham City mob boss, the head of the Falcone Crime Family.


One of Batman's earliest foes, Carmine the subject of an alliance between Batman, James Gordon, and Harvey Dent, all of whom sought to bring down Falcone and his crime syndicate. He was later forced by Joker to retire during the War of Jokes and Riddles. At some point, he received a distinctive facial scar from Catwoman.

Eventually, by the time Barbara Gordon had become Batgirl, Falcone was convicted and sent to prison. However, he retained intense influence over the GCPD, and used said influence to make life safe for former underlings who betrayed him, such as his former capo Tony Rigatoni.[6] After leaving prison, he relocated most of his operation to Hong Kong, becoming a competitor of the Ghost Dragons.

Following a deadly train accident supposedly caused by Commissioner Jim Gordon,[7] Carmine reappeared in Gotham City, ready to take control of it again. Things seemed easy with Mayor Hady in his pocket, but he had to contend of with Batman.

While the Mayor sent the GCPD after Batman, Falcone began attacking his biggest rival, the Penguin.[8]

Eventually, Falcone's attempt to take over Gotham failed and he was arrested, despite his connections in the GCPD, who were also arrested.[9] Falcone would later be involved in a riot in Blackgate Prison caused by loyalists against the Penguin,[10] that was later put down.

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