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Carmine Infantino (b. May 24, 1925 – d.April 4, 2013) was a writer.

Professional History

In 1956 Infantino created the red and yellow Flash who appeared in Showcase #4 which revitalized the superhero genre and kicked off the Silver Age of comics. In 1966 Infantino became Editorial Director and changed the way DC operated when he made artists Joe Orlando and Dick Giordano editors. After promoting newcomer Neal Adams to the forefront he also hired a fresh wave of talented artists such as Bernie Wrightson, Mike Kaluta, and Walt Simonson. Perhaps his most notable triumph was landing Jack Kirby and giving him free rein over the Fourth World saga in which Kirby was writer, penciller, and editor.

Personal History

He was born in the borough of Brooklyn. He was the brother of artist Jimmy Infantino.

Work History


  • Infantino is the uncle of Massachusetts musician Jim Infantino, of the band Jim's Big Ego. He contributed the cover art to the group's album They're Everywhere, which features a song about Barry Allen.[1]
  • The Flash episode Infantino Street was named after Carmine.

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  1. A compilation of DCAU clips accompany the song in this YouTube clip.