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Carny was a robot created by Mitch Wacky to watch over his theme park, Wacky World, to continue on in Wacky's absence in suspended animation.

After Angor's population were wiped out in a nuclear holocaust caused by the Extremists, Carny and the other robots in the theme park reconstructed the world that they had lost, all the way to creating robotic versions of the Assemblers and the Extremists, whom they programmed to think independently. Soon, these androids shared the same fate as their human predecessors. They destroyed each other, and the android Extremists again ruled the planet. Carny threw in with the Extremists as, in his words, "like the happy, wacky thing to do." However, Carny was disliked by the Extremists for lacking any superpowers and ordered him to remain in Wacky World.

The Extremists had later use for Carny and had sent the Silver Sorceress to him as a prisoner for his own amusement while they invaded Earth. The Extremists also sent the superhero team Justice League Europe to him, in which Carny toyed with them and later attempted to have them killed. The JLE eventually confronted Carny in which the robot detonated himself and the other robots in a devastating explosion to taking out the JLE, in which Carny failed to do so. The explosion also caused to awake Mitch Wacky from his suspended animation and used Carny's robotic head to reveal to Wacky and the JLE pf what happened on Angor.[1]


  • Carny appears to be based on Marvel Comics supervillain Arcade.



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