Quote1.png You should care because what you called spoiled-- I call "being a confident, skilled negotiator who isn't afraid to ask for what she wants... and will call you out on your rudeness!" Quote2.png
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Carol Ferris is a member of the Star Sapphire Corps and a student at Super Hero High School.

Carol's slightly self-absorbed and spoiled, an appellation she resents because to her eyes no one ever calls her brother spoiled. Although she looks self-confident to the point of arrogance, Carol is inwardly more insecure than she lets on, and she has even said that she is afraid that people only likes her because her father is rich, or Hal may break up with her.

Carol was born in a private jet flying over the Atlantic because her parents were needed in London for a board meeting that could not wait.[1] Several years later Carol was chosen by a Star Sapphire Ring and went through the customary induction ceremony on Zamaron. At some point after her appointment as a Violet Lantern she became a Super Hero High student and started to date Hal Jordan.

Carol befriended the newly-appointed Earth's Green Lantern Jessica Cruz,[2] although she didn't think much of her over-worried nature. Carol volunteered to accompany Jessica right with Supergirl, Big Barda and Beast Boy when Jessica had to travel to Oa for her induction ceremony. Upon arriving, though, they found that a trio of renegade Kryptonian survivors had taken over the planet and threw the Corps into the Phantom Zone. Carol and her partners were blasted off into space and had to go into the Zone, release the Corps and fight her way back to Oa. In the final battle, Carol and Hal fought back-to-back, and she managed to restrain Non.[3]


Carol Ferris is voiced by Jessica DiCicco


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