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Quote1.png I didn’t know she was a Violet Lantern when I started dating her. She was just Carol. Quote2.png
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Carol Ferris is the ex-girlfriend of Hal Jordan. After being dumped, she became obsessed with regaining his affections and became the villain Star Sapphire. She is a member of the Star Sapphire Corps and attends Metropolis High School.

Hate Triangle

Carol first appears in the episode where she is a cheerleader on a school rival's team. When she sees Hal hiding in a garbage can, she walks angrily and transforms into Star Sapphire. Figuring out about Hal trying to get rid of her, she destroys the Football Field. When Jessica and Hal hide, Hal reveals that Carol is his ex-girlfriend. Before they went into the locker room, it is revealed that Carol is mad at Hal because he broke up with her over text. Carol is still furious at Hal for the way he broke up with her, and she manifests her powers as Star Sapphire and targets both him and Jessica, thinking mistakenly that Jessica stole him from her. Without using her own powers in aggression, Jessica shows Carol the truth, convinces her of Hal's flaws, and tells her that she needs to love herself first. Carol leaves, but vows to make Hal worthy of her love one day.

Joining the Super Villain Girls

Carol transferred from the rival school to Metropolis High School and befriended Selina Kyle and three other girls: Leslie Willis, Doris Zeul, and Pam Isley. She and the other girls befriend Harley Quinn by forming a villain team and vandalize the city by stealing jewels, causing chaos and fear, and destroying buildings and properties of the city.

Soul Sisters

Katana took her soul along with the rest of the Super Villain Girls. Not long after that, she was alive in Barbara's bedroom after Katana realizes that being a hero doesn't mean taking someone's soul away. Star Sapphire even compliments her new hairstyle, causing Catwoman to sigh.

Scramble Eggs

Carol gets to team up with Doris to take care of an egg based on a pairs task, but because Doris skips class, she has to take care of the egg alone. She names her egg "Hal Jordan Jr.", and later tasks Hal with looking after it for her after Selina quit and broke the egg the two of them had to look after. But Hal accidentally placed the egg in the blender as he created a protein shake. Hal arrives at Sweet Justice and asks Oliver and Barry if the egg looked okay as he showed his failed attempt to fix it and realized that not only is he going to fail, but Carol is going to kill him.

It's Complicaded

Carol apparently got over her love for Hal, and made a new boyfriend, Thaal Sinclair. This makes Hal jealous, who announces that he is getting back together with Carol, but she laughs and explains she decided to stay with Thaal. Hal secretly trying to sabotage Thaal and Carol's date, but Thaal turns around the sabotage attempts into romantic gestures and impressive feats. But later, Hal tries to win her heart back with romantic gestures, but Carol rejects him over and over again. She asks Jess for help in avoiding Hal. Jess tells Hal she needs to talk to him, but before she says anything else Hal begs and cries at Carol's feet for her to take him back. Carol takes him back and explains that she got a new boyfriend to make Hal jealous and better himself. She tells Thaal that she never loved him, only for Thaal reveals too that he never loved her either, and he was trying to get to Hal; and he reveals himself as Sinestro. Sinestro attacks Hal, but Star Sapphire helps Hal defeat Sinestro. Hal promptly breaks up with Carol, and she attacks him. Sinestro and Dex-Starr join the attack, and Star Sapphire attacks Jessica too, accusing her of stealing Hal from her. Jessica convinces Hal to apologize to Carol and Thaal. Hal apologizes "for being so awesome", "charming, "irresistible", "super-cool", and "fun to hang out with". Carol sees this as a "vulnerable, sensitive side" of Hal, and Sinestro sees Hal as a "true bro" who would "humble himself". Carol, Sinestro, and incidentally Dex-Starr accept Hal and the four of them sail in the sky toward the moon Together as bests of friends.

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