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Carol Ferris is the boss of Hal Jordan at Ferris Aircraft and also his love. She was recruited by the Star Sapphire Corps.

Carol Ferris runs Ferris Aircraft and met Hal Jordan when he was test piloting aircraft built by her company for a military contract. While Hal protected Coast City and Ferris Aircraft from villains, Carol only knew him as Green Lantern.

When Hal and Carol's love for each other was strained a Star Sapphire Ring reached out to her and brought her to Zamaron where she was reunited with her true love. However, she relinquished her position as a Star Sapphire when she learned Hal couldn't come home. She understood his position and returned to Earth after humbling the Star Sapphire Corps giving up her Star Sapphire ring.[1] However, after a battle with the Red Lantern Atrocitus to prove that Love is stronger than Hate, she eventually decided to keep her ring.[2]





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