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Carol Ferris runs Ferris Aircraft and met Hal Jordan when he was test piloting aircraft built by her company for a military contract. While Hal protected Coast City and Ferris Aircraft from villains Carol only knew him as Green Lantern.

When Hal and Carol's love for each other was strained a Star Sapphire Ring reached out to her and brought her to Zamaron where she was reunited with her true love. However, she relinquished her position as a Star Sapphire when she learned Hal couldn't come home. She understood his position and returned to Earth after humbling the Star Sapphire Corps giving up her Star Sapphire ring.[1] However, after a battle with the Red Lantern Atrocitus to prove that Love is stronger than Hate, she eventually decided to keep her ring.[2]


Carol has Star Sapphire powers.





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