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Carol Ferris is the CEO of Ferris Aircraft and Hal Jordan's love interest.

Green Lantern

Carol grew up in Coast City and has known Hal since the two of them were eight years old. She is the Vice President of her father's aerospace company Ferris Aircraft. Hal always thought Carol was more suited as a test pilot than the more coporated desk-bound side of the job, as she was better in her skills only by Jordan himself. When Hector attacks on his father at a Ferris Aircraft celebration, Green Lantern arrives saving both Senator Hammond and Carol. When Green Lantern returns to see if Carol is alright she notices that Hal is the Green Lantern. She claims to know him better than anyone else knows him so it would take more than a small mask to fool her. Carol later reminds Hal that he was chosen not because he is fearless but that he has the courage to overcome fear. Hammond, deranged from the power of Parallax's DNA, takes Carol hostage so he can threaten to inject her with some of Parallax's DNA making her like himself, Hal saves her. Parallax arrives and kills Hammond and begins to feed on Hal's fear, Carol retrieves his power ring, giving it to him so that he can go on to defeat Parallax. Hal and Carol then rekindle their relationship.


  • As a reference to her alter-ego Star Sapphire, she is given the call-sign "Sapphire" as a pilot.