Carole "Carrie" Donahue, alias Vapor is was an environmentalist with the metahuman power to transform herself into a cloud of acidic mists. She was recruited by business woman Claire Montgomery for her a team of superheroes, the Conglomerate. Led by Booster Gold, the Conglomerate supplied services to their corporate sponsors.

Like many new super teams, they eventually came up against the premier team of heroes, the Justice League. Carrie has a very low regard for the League, considering them a pathetic joke after they violated the United Nations protocol by the removing the dictator of the nation of San Sebor. The Conglomerate's existence however was short-lived and Carrie returned to her first love and became a spokesperson for a group of environmentalists.


  • Vapor Form: Carrie can transmute her body either as a whole or just parts of it into a cloud of gaseous vapor. She could also excrete gases from her mouth, which could be knock-out gas or a corrosive acidic cloud.




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