Quote1.png What I am is intellectual property they keep trying to find ways to exploit, even as the creative teams guiding me conspire to push me further and further up my own ass. All in the hopes that something will finally resonate. My life in four colors. Quote2.png
Caroline Sharp src


  • Cosmic Awareness: Caroline became aware that she was a comic book character during her fourth wall-breaking 2008 mini-series.[1]
    • Dimensional Travel: Tired of being reimagined and manipulated by different writers and artists, Caroline escaped her reality and became integrated into the rebooted Prime Earth continuity.[1]
  • Unique Physiology: Following exposure to Madame Atom's nuclear drill, Caroline's body mutated, allowing her total control over her atomic structure.[2][3]



  • Mental Illness: Caroline suffered from severe depression and was actively suicidal.[4]
    • Power Instability: Caroline's powers flared destructively during a stressful incident at work, forcing her to take administrative leave.[4]
    • Power Limitation: In her depressive state, Caroline had difficulty maintaining her civilian appearance for extended periods.[4]
  • Monstrous Appearance: When not holding her human form, Caroline possessed ash-white skin, patches of scales and blood-red claws.



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