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Quote1.png What I am is intellectual property they keep trying to find ways to exploit, even as the creative teams guiding me conspire to push me further and further up my own ass. All in the hopes that something will finally resonate. My life in four colors. Quote2.png
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Caroline Sharp was once the hero Chrysalis, later Eternity Girl, who accidentally discovered her place in a multiverse that was constantly changing and rebooting.


  • Cosmic Awareness: Caroline became aware that she was a comic book character during her fourth wall-breaking 2008 mini-series.[1]
    • Enhanced Senses: Can directly see the interactions between individual atoms and particles both within herself and in the locations around her, describing everything as having no boundaries or distinction in her point of view, with "everything fading into everything"
    • Dimensional Travel: Tired of being reimagined and manipulated by different writers and artists, Caroline escaped her reality and became integrated into the rebooted Prime Earth continuity.[1]
  • Unique Physiology: Following exposure to Madame Atom's nuclear drill, Caroline's body mutated, allowing her total control over her atomic structure.[2][3]
    • Intangibility / Non-Corporeal: (In her most basic and primal state, she exists as nothing but a wave function, a self-perpetuating pattern of pure form and signals imprinted upon the universe, with Madame Atom stating that reality unfolds as if she simply wasn't there), Shapeshifting,
    • Body Control: Has complete dominion over her own atomic structure and basic bodily functions, as well as her own intrinsic field in conjunction with those of other objects or people, with her influence extending even to completely metaphysical, abstract constants such as the Shining Tower. Could morph her own identity by tapping into her own basic nature as a wave function, leaving her previous self behind and becoming someone else entirely
    • Fusionism: Exists as nothing but a sentient intrinsic field operating and interacting with other intrinsic fields, which can be expanded and combined to other objects in order to merge with them.
    • Invulnerability: Caroline was unable to inflict physical damage on herself during repeated suicide attempts.[4]
    • Matter Reconfiguration[4]
    • Metamorphosis: Caroline was adept at shape-shifting, often using the power to make herself appear like an ordinary human.[4]
    • Radiation Production: Through nuclear fission, Caroline could generate dangerous levels of light, heat and radiation.[3]
    • Self-Sustenance: Caroline was unable to kill herself by hanging as she didn't need to breathe.[4]
    • Energy Projection: Caroline demonstrated the ability to project bolts of orange-red energy. [5]


Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Caroline suffered from severe depression and was actively suicidal.[4]
    • Power Instability: Caroline's powers flared destructively during a stressful incident at work, forcing her to take administrative leave.[4]
    • Power Limitation: In her depressive state, Caroline had difficulty maintaining her civilian appearance for extended periods.[4]
  • Monstrous Appearance: When not holding her human form, Caroline possessed ash-white skin, patches of scales and blood-red claws.