Carolyn Hamilton was a terrorist in Angel Velasquez's cell.

Early Life

Born March 16, 1952, Carolyn Hamilton joined the San Francisco Police Department in 1971. A year later, she worked undercover with Steve Trevor on a case. Steve ended up saving Carolyn's life in a gun battle. In 1975, Carolyn resigned from the force, after having fallen in love with the leader of a group she was infiltrating.

Season Two

Two years later, Carolyn had become involved with a terrorist organization. However, she ended up turning on the group, thanks to Steve and Wonder Woman.[1]

Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman

Carolyn as "Nubia".

Carolyn as "Nubia".

Some time later, Wonder Woman took the reformed Carolyn to Paradise Island, where she took the name Nubia[2], Commander of the Amazons.[3]


  • Immortality: As a resident of Paradise Island, Carolyn is immortal, as long as she remains on the island.


  • In 1976, toy company Mego had created a doll line, loosely based on the TV series. This line included a Nubia doll.[4]



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