Carolyn Lance was the infamous Black Canary as well as the mother of Dinah Lance.

As a young woman Carolyn discovered she had an ability that would become known as the canary cry. With this she became one of the very first women superheroes to ever "put on a cape" though she did not, in fact, wear a cape.

At some point in her long past of fighting crime the Black Canary took down the infamous Hawke family. The only one she could not get was the son, Al Hawke, who was too young at the time. Many years later, this would lead to her death.

The Black Canary had a daughter she named Dinah Lance. When Dinah was six Carolyn arrived at home and checked on her daughter. She knew something was wrong and found a bomb under the girl's bed. The very next day she dropped her daughter off with the Redmond family, having seen no signs of her daughter being Metahuman.

Ten years later Carolyn retired and went to collect her sixteen year old daughter, only to find she had run away. She also learned of her metahuman abilities and the abuse it had brought to her daughter. She found Dinah in the care of Barbara Gordon. She tried to take her daughter who was resistant to the idea. She realized her daughter was set in her ways.

Carolyn died in an explosion caused by Al Hawke who wanted revenge for the fact his own father had died in the prison she had sent him to.




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