Quote1 Richard... is it you! I'm happy you're with me... we might have... meant much to each other, Richard! I might have ...loved you! G-goodbye! Quote2
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Carolyn Woosan is the sister of the legendary martial artist Lady Shiva.

Her godfather is the O-Sensei, and she lived with him in Kyoto for several years. Eventually she left Japan and moved to New York City with the O-Sensei's students Ben Turner and Richard Dragon. Her uncle Shiruto was killed by a spy called the Swiss, and he targeted Carolyn believing they had corresponded. The Swiss kidnapped Carolyn and tortured her for information.[1] Carolyn was used as bait when the Swiss set a trap for Richard Dragon, who he had become obsessed with.[2] Dragon tracked the Swiss to a martial arts school where he was holding Carolyn. The Swiss escaped by motorcycle and Dragon chased after him. This lead to an accident on the highway where Carolyn was killed. She died in Richard's arms as the Swiss escaped, and her last words were telling Richard that she might have loved him. Dragon tracked the Swiss down to an empty junkyard and beat him to death as revenge.[3]

The Swiss had been working for a man named Guano Cravat. The organization G.O.O.D. tracked Cravat down, and Barney Ling sent Richard Dragon to deal with Cravat personally. Cravat tricked Carolyn's sister Lady Shiva into believing that Richard was responsible for Carolyn's death. Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva fought, until Shiva realized Cravat's deception, and they worked together to take Cravat down.[4]


There was later a change in the timeline, and Carolyn was revealed to have died under different circumstances. Carolyn and Sandra were shown to have grown up on the streets of Detroit. They practiced martial arts constantly, and people would travel to watch them spar together. The assassin David Cain observed them, and noticed that Sandra was holding back out of love for her older sister. Cain brutally murdered Carolyn and left her body for Sandra to discover. This allowed Sandra to explore her true potential. Sandra sought out David Cain looking for revenge and tried to kill him. The League of Assassins defeated her, but she forgave Cain when she realized he had set her free. Cain allowed Sandra to live if he would bear her a child. This child was Carolyn's niece Cassandra Cain.[5]

  • Carolyn Wu-San is also known as Carolyn Woosan.



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