Carom is a super-powered villain, possibly a metahuman, who can move at super-speed and ricochet his body off hard surfaces without injury to himself.

Carom and his colleagues were hired by Pylon of the The Veil to stage a terrorist attack at the Mall of the Universe in Minneapolis, Minnesota in order to bait the Teen Titans into a trap. It was Pylon's intent to have Dark Nemesis capture the Titans and outfit them with special bracelets that would record and transmit vital biological information about them back to the Veil. Dark Nemesis issued a public challenge to the Titans, one which they readily replied to.

Carom fought against the Titan known as Prysm. By means that remain unclear, he somehow interfaced with her body, disrupting Prysm's ability to absorb and refract light.

Although the Titans suffered an initial defeat at the hands of Dark Nemesis, they turned the tide of battle and ultimately defeated them.


  • Superhuman Speed: His forward running speed has been fast enough to get into close combat with the Teen Titans before getting touched. Though the Flash has been able to run backwards just as fast.
    • Flight: Accelerating to high speeds, Carom can launch himself off of buildings or people and fling himself into the air and fly or glide long distances without losing altitude or momentum.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Carom can react with the quickness of a lightning strike, he's been able to deflect Joto's blasts and dodge Prysm's beams.
    • Superhuman Durability: Carom can take hits and blasts without suffering damage by bouncing off walls and surfaces like a springboard; absorbing the shock and mitigating damage.

  • Carom speaks at a hyper-accelerated level, making him very difficult to understand.
  • Like many untrained Speedsters, Carom cannot control his speed as effectively, as say, a Flash. As such he has problems steering and can easily crash into objects and barriers.



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