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Carrie Cutter is Cupid, a deranged archer with a crush on Green Arrow.

Carrie Cutter was a special-ops soldier, working for a top secret program, but when her performance as a government agent began to wane and she began to lose her grip on reality, Carrie underwent experimentation with the military organization COBALT. The experiment was able to rejuvenate her physically and enhance her abilities but at a loss of her memory and sanity. After murdering the operating doctors and escaping COBALT security, Carrie disappeared from the radar completely for some time.

While on a patrol a long while back, Green Arrow shot an arrow through an apartment window as it appeared a husband was beating his wife. In actuality, Carrie was poisoning her obsession of that time, her husband. When her husband was dispatched by Green Arrow's arrow, she viewed him as her savior and her obsession was instantaneous. At this point, Ollie did not know of Carrie's involvement.

After several of Green Arrow's main villains mysteriously made their ways to the morgue, Carrie reemerged under the name Cupid and professed her obsessive love for Green Arrow. She claimed responsibility for the murders as she was trying to prove her love for Green Arrow. After a battle with Green Arrow and Black Canary, Cupid was taken into custody for brief time. With the arrival of the deceased Big Game's son on a vengeful rampage, Green Arrow and Black Canary took it upon themselves to retrieve Cupid from incarceration, as she killed his father and was the new Big Game's main target. Not long after the new Big Game was dealt with, Cupid escaped once again.

Once bodies began to turn up with the Green Arrow's style of arrow, Green Arrow came under suspicion. Green Arrow and Black Canary, with the assistance of Speedy, soon discovered the culprit was Cupid and a resurrected Everyman, being the closest Cupid could come to getting the real Green Arrow. After a battle with COBALT agents and another escape by Cupid and Everyman, Green Arrow discovers the origins of Cupid's sick obsession.

Eventually, thanks to Green Arrow firing an arrow that strikes her hand, Cupid regains her memories and is eventually reunited with her husband with Cupid or Carrie now expressing sincere regret over what she has done.



Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: The same experimental treatment that gave her her enhanced abilities also took away her sanity and forces her to love and be loved.


  • Bow


  • Arrows



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