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Carrie Kelley is a friend of Damian Wayne.

Carrie had been in touch with Damian Wayne, giving him acting lessons so that he could see "what it was like being someone else".[1] She stopped hearing from him, unaware that he had been killed, leaving Carrie confused as to what had happened to him. When Bruce Wayne appeared at her door during a party Carrie was hosting, he was caught off-guard by the Robin costume she was wearing. When she demanded to know where Damian was, Bruce left without answering, leaving only a $10,000 check to settle Damian's debts to her (which were only $1,000).[2]

Still intent on finding Damian, she dropped by Wayne Manor, but Bruce brushed her off with a lie that he was studying abroad. She also returned the check, minus the due debt. Alfred hired her to take care of Titus.[1]

After two weeks, Bruce finally noticed her in his house when she filmed him for a home movie she's planning to send to Damian. After Bruce talked to Alfred about the arrangement made behind his back, Carrie offered Bruce a deal; if she gave him the flash drives of her student interview with Damian and a movie she made about Titus (the latter to be sent to Damian), he would contact Damian and ask him to call her. Bruce agreed and, in return for the flash drives, spliced together a message for Carrie using audio recordings of Damian's adventures as Robin.[3]