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Carrie Levine is the winged superheroine Redwing. She was part of the Team Titans, a group of heroes who traveled back in time to stop Lord Chaos.

Carrie Levine and her twin brother Jonathan were born in the year 1987 in an alternate timeline. Due to a laboratory accident where their mother Karen was exposed to low levels of nuclear radiation, both Carrie and Jonathan were born with an active metahuman gene. At birth, Carrie began developing small wings growing out of her shoulder blades. By the time she was an adolescent, her wings were fully developed and her father Paul had to strap them flat upon her back so that she could appear normal.

By the late 1990s, the Titan-God Lord Chaos had all but taken over the world through the use of his Numb-Dust food additive. However, Chaos recognized the rising threat that metahumans represented to his rule, and he took measures to insure that he could track down, and if necessary, eliminate any metahuman he deemed unworthy of life. Chaos took a particular interest in the Levine family and sent a squadron of his Force Elite stormtroopers to their home in order to capture Carrie and Jonathan. Carrie had been away from the house when the attack came, but when she returned, she discovered that her parents had been killed and that her brother had been taken.[1]

She traveled to New York City in the hopes of finding him, and encountered another metahuman named Mirage.[2] Before long, they found Jonathan and the three joined together as superhuman revolutionaries known as the Team Titans. Carrie began to use the code name Redwing. After several skirmishes with Lord Chaos' troops, the Team Titans added several more members to its ranks including Killowat, Nightrider and Terra.

The Team Titans believed that the only way to stop Lord Chaos once and for all was to travel backwards in time and kill his mother Donna Troy at a point before she gave birth to him. They traveled backwards in time, but unfortunately for them, they arrived in the past of an alternate timeline. The young heroes found Donna Troy's teammates the New Titans and engaged them in combat. Redwing however was captured and temporarily held prisoner in a containment cell at S.T.A.R. Labs. She tried to make the Titans understand that Donna Troy had to die in order to save their future, but the Titans refused to entertain such an idea [3]. During the "Total Chaos" affair, Lord Chaos himself traveled backwards in time and abducted himself as an infant in order to prevent his own infanticide. Redwing and the other Teamers made peace with the Titans and the two groups joined forces to stop Lord Chaos.[4]


  • Flight: Redwing can fly by way of naturally grown wings.


  • Tracking: Redwing is an excellent tracker, but she can also instantly locate her twin brother Jonathan no matter where he has been. This ability became less useful once Jonathan's essence was digitized.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic)



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