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Quote1 It's been a long while since I made someone bleed. Time to go hunting. Quote2
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Carter Hall is a 20th century reincarnation of Prince Khufu and is as a costumed vigilante, under the alias "Hawkman".

He fought alongside his wife, Shayera (AKA "Hawkgirl") and eventually joined other costumed crime-fighters to form the Justice Society of America, which Carter became the leader of.[1]

Years later, Shayera was killed by the Icicle, which sent Carter over the edge and he put the Icicle in a catatonic state. Not long after, Carter's activities as Hawkman came to an end, when he and the rest of the JSA were framed by Checkmate and arrested. Like the others, Carter tried to protect the others and take the blame. In the end, the conviction against Carter didn't hold up and he was released.[1]

With the JSA disbanded, Carter assembled gear belonging to the other members and remade their old headquarters into a sort-of museum, that was never opened.[1][2]

Carter was ultimately forced out of retirement, alongside Dr. Fate, when the Icicle's son began to track down and kill the former members of the JSA. This lead to them meeting and befriending some younger crime-fighting vigilantes like Clark Kent and Oliver Queen. After the second Icicle was taken down, Carter decided to try and reform the JSA.[1] This task wasn't completed before Carter's death.

Carter became involved in the network of superheroes, that the younger heroes were setting up. However, he ended up having to give his own life, to save Lois Lane. Carter was buried next to his late wife, in Egypt.[3] Based on statements made by Carter, soon after his death, Carter and Shayera were reincarnated and reunited in a new life.[4]




  • A Hawkman action figure briefly appeared in the episode "Action".



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