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Carter Nichols was a childhood friend of Thomas Wayne.

At some point he became interested in time travel. His first attempt to use his research involved hypnotizing PTSD patients at Willowood Military Hospital, so they could relive their traumas and move past them.

However, he was contacted by a man known as Simon Hurt, who proposed a wager - he required Nichols's prototype timebox for a questionable ritual, and in return for Nichols's compliance, Hurt gave him whatever he needed to test his theories and open time up to human use. Nichols agreed, but after Nichols hesitated during the ritual, allowing the amnesiac victim of the ritual to escape through time, Hurt arranged that Nichols would never be taken seriously as a scientist.[1]

Years later, Nichols became involved in a number of Batman's adventures. Until he was forced by a group of villains to send Batman and Robin back in time to steal things. Batman and Robin managed to escape and subdue the villains. After this experience Carter became a recluse and hide away in his basement vowing to repay the debt he felt to Batman and Robin. He did so by tipping off the police.

Carter killed his future self and sent his body back in time as a clue to aid Batman in solving a case.[2]