Carter Wilson, aka Terminal, was a member of the Jokerz.

Carter went to school with Dana Tan, Terry McGinnis, and Max Gibson, while secretly operating as a leading member of the organisation The Jokerz. After the world was decimated by Brother Eye, Terminal rallied the Jokerz to take over much of Neo-Gotham, converting a large section into his own "Joker Town", before supposedly setting about his plan to bring his idol back from the dead (in fact, the "Joker" he had provided his followers with was a still-living comatose Bruce Wayne, and Wilson was simply using the Joker's influence and Wayne's money to increase his own power). It is also strongly implied that Carter was married at some point in between his school days and the fall of Brother Eye, and that he killed his wife for the sake of amusement.

After escaping Batman and taking a lackey with him (to whom he had revealed that his plan to revive the Joker was a sham), the lackey then beat Carter to death with a crow-bar, revealing that he had been The Joker all along, and that he had never died to begin with.[1]





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