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Space Case (real name Casey Brinke) is a positive and cheerful fictional space comic book superheroine brought to life by her sidekick Dorothy Spinner and tries to adjust to living in the real world, operating as an ally of the Doom Patrol.

Fictional Heroine

Created in a fictional story by cartoonist Wally Sage, Casey Brinke was born to scientist Richard Frank and an unnamed woman. Casey spent several emotional moments with her father, playing on the swing. At her young age, Casey escaped in a ship when her father became the space villain Torminox and seemingly died along with her mother, an event that traumatized Casey, who decided to seek revenge against her father upon learning that he was still alive.

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Space Case in Action

In the rest of her life, Casey trained to learn martial arts, gained electrical powers, began to navigate spaceships, faced her father and his minions, the Vectra, specifically 143 times, defeating Torminox each time, earning the alias "Space Case" and, on one occasion, losing half of her left leg replacing it with a robotic one. After every battle with her father, Casey thought there was something good in him.[1]

Adapting to Real Life

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Battling in real life

When Torminox and the Vectra were brought back to reality by Wally, her father invaded Dannyland to find the Longevity Talisman, cornering Dorothy Spinner, a teenager who read Casey's comics, so using his powers, she brought his idol to the reality. Casey, assuming she was still in her fictional world, calmed Dorothy down since she could defeat Torminox and formed a team with Dorothy and her transgender friend, Maura Lee Karupt, claiming to be the captain, but before starting their battle, Casey experimented hunger for the first time, eating a real burrito. Suddenly, the Vectra appeared, leading Casey to fight them, nearly killing one until Dorothy stopped her, confessing the truth of her fictitious existence, something she refused to believe.

Casey finally gave in to listen to Dorothy, discovering that she comes from a comic book reality, understanding that in real life, anyone can die, before being forced to leave Dannyland that was transformed into a cube by Torminox technology, to who confronted Danny outside of ambulance form, but Casey did not attack her father when trying to reason with her. The trio were able to escape from Torminox, who was briefly detained by Dorothy's powerful imaginary friend, the Candlemaker, who ended up turning into a cube, giving the girls time to hide in a garage temporarily.

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Friendship with Dorothy

Inside the garage, Casey realized that he might have a chance to patch things up with his father, so they invited him into an alley so they could reconnect, to no avail, with Casey being taken hostage by Torminox, causing Dorothy to He gave the talisman to Torminox, saving Casey and returning her friends to normal. Full of questions, Casey decided to find her creator to change history with her father and achieve reconciliation with him, a mission that Dorothy, who also knew what it was like to have problems with a father, agreed to accompany and together they left for Cloverton, Ohio.[1]

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Losing her father and her creator

Upon arriving in Cloverton, Casey and Dorothy entered the magical kingdom of Orqwith, where Casey was able to find Torminox and meet her creator, Wally Sage, while she helped Dorothy in her attempt to rescue the Doom Patrol, a team of superheroes who are friends of Dorothy. Casey, Dorothy, and the Doom Patrol were helpless against the Scissormen, forcing them to witness the arrival of the all-powerful and dangerous interdimensional deity, Immortus, who manifested in the form of missing actress Isabel Feathers, using a sonic scream that destroyed Orqwith. Thanks to being protected with bubbles, the Doom Patrol survived, except for the cult of Immortus, making Casey sad, who mourned the death of her father and her creator, thinking that she would never be able to discover why she came to life.[2][3]

Searching a New Mission

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Other Characteristics

  • Missing Limb: Casey was missing the bottom half of one of her legs.


  • Dorothy Spinner's Car (Formerly)
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