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Quote1.png But you come from my daydreams, Casey. You're the first superhero I was able to generate. You're made up. But you're made real. And I'm so very proud of you. Quote2.png
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Casey Brinke was originally a fictional character that the sentient street named Danny created to communicate with people through comic books.

Fictional History as a Comic Book Character

As the story goes, Casey, the comic book character, was a gadget-wielding super hero known as Space Case who acted as an EMT in her secret identity. Her father, who had become the super villain Torminox after contracting the Torminox virus, was supposedly defeated by her mother who sacrificed herself by shooting herself into the Sun.[1]

Assembling the Doom Patrol

In the real world, however, due to an unknown power, Danny became stronger and gained the ability to actually generate life and accidentally spawned his character Casey Brinke as a real person. Allowing her the chance to live a normal life, he let her go free, not telling her how she came into existence. Casey's retained memories of her family, such as her mother shooting herself into the Sun[2], but did not remember her career as a comic book superhero.

When Danny became threatened by a group of aliens known as Vectra that wanted to profit from his power to create life by turning his people into cheap meat in a fast food restaurant, Danny reached out to Casey, telling her her origin and hoping that she could find and join the Doom Patrol.[3]

Casey agreed and piloted Danny, in the form of an ambulance, into his attacker's headquarters, discovering that the leader of the organization was none other than her fictional father Torminox, accidentally brought to life like she was when Vectra tortured Danny before. Alongside him was an evil version of Casey herself, known as Doodle Bug, who her father revealed was created after she was when Danny imagined what Casey would be like in the real world. Despite the family drama, Casey and the Doom Patrol defeated Vectra and freed Danny from Vectra's clutches.[4]

Weight of the Worlds

After Robotman's new upgrade system upgraded him to the point of becoming his own planet, Casey sacrificed herself to stop Cliff's rampant security drones. Though her human body had ceased to exist, she continued to live on where she originally came from - as a character in Danny's comic books.[5]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: After learning her origin and being dragged out of Dannyland by Vectra, one of Casey's legs was mysteriously removed. She replaced it with the leg of a broken android that was left in her cell.[6]
  • Chronokinesis: When Danny and Casey are united, most easily done when Danny is in the form of an ambulance, Casey unlocks the power to drive through time itself.[4]
  • Electro-Blast: Casey learned that, if she concentrates enough, she can shoot short bolts of electricity out of her hands, an idea introduced when Danny originally created her in her comic book form.[2]


Other Characteristics

  • Missing Limb: Casey was missing the bottom half of one of her legs.



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