Doodle-Bug is a corrupted version of the fictional character Casey Brinke, who was originally a comic book character imagined by the sentient street Danny. Realizing he had the power to create life itself, Danny accidentally brought the character of Casey to life and let her free into the world, not telling her about her conception.

After being tortured by the organization of Vectra to create more people for them, Danny accidentally created another character of his - the evil Torminox, who needed a version of Casey in order to be able to travel through time. So, instead of getting the first version of Casey that Danny had let free, Torminox tricked Danny into creating a version of Casey that her creator was afraid she would become in the real world - evil and cynical; he created Doodle-Bug.

Working with Torminox, Doodle-Bug and he lead Vectra in attacking Danny before being intercepted by the first Casey and the Doom Patrol, which resulted in the evil organization's defeat. [1]



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