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Casey Krinsky is a young girl who has the power to steal the form of anything she touches. She was unhealthily obsessed with Firestorm, stalking him, and becoming an antagonist to him.


Casey Krinsky had always had a huge obsession with Firestorm. She called it a crush yet she felt he was her soul mate. When the latest Firestorm hit the scene and started appearing in Detroit she began to follow him around in an attempt to contact him.


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However, after a few fateful attempts Firestorm soon realizes her instability and leaves her behind as he continues his adventures. She eventually learns that Firestorm has a girlfriend and decides to pursue her instead. Using the molecular structure of the girl's jewelry, she turns herself into a crystalline monster. Right as Casey moves to kill the girl for taking her man she's stopped by Firestorm who uses his own unstable molecular changing powers to change her form.

Their two powers mix and their combined lack of understanding results in Casey turning to stone and freezing on the spot. Firestorm and his girlfriend survive but Casey is taken to S.T.A.R. Labs where they attempt to revert her to her normal form.


  • Power Absorption: Casey can steal powers from other metahumans by reaching out and forcing their energies into herself. Casey doesn't gain the exact knowledge of how to use the power, but when she absorbs a power her victim loses it.
  • Matter Absorption: Casey can also use her power absorption absorb the properties of inanimate objects. Through this means, she can assume a tough crystalline form or make her skin razor sharp by mimicking the properties of glass.
    • Superhuman Durability: When she absorbs an object's properties, her resistance to physical damage is greatly increased. She can withstand even the intense temperatures of Firestorm's energy blasts while in a crystal/glass form while ordinary glass would melt.


  • Obsession: Casey has an unhealthy obsession with Firestorm.
  • Power Instability: Casey doesn't have experience controlling the powers she absorbs, such was the case when Casey absorbed Firestorm's density changing powers and could not reduce her density to a level at which she could move. She only copied as much power as Firestorm had at the time which was still too much for her.



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