Cash is a teenage delinquent, often working with his best friend Sammy.

Cash first encounters the Titans on their first mission with their brand new T-Car. Cash started a conversation with Cyborg about the car, but the Titan was pulled away to go fight a battle with Overload.

While Cyborg was distracted, Cash and Sammy got the opportunity to hijack the T-Car and take it for a joy ride. When Cyborg returned and did not find his car, he began his search for it immediately.

The two teenagers stopped at the local drive-in temporarily to show off their "new car." The two painted flames on the front of the car to show it off even more. After they painted it, Cash drove them off to a place named Crash Alley Raceway to race with the T-Car.

At the raceway, the teens were automatically accepted and allowed to race. Their only competitor was a small, green car, so the boys were not intimidated.

The delinquents raced and almost lost because the green car was surprisingly fast. However, they managed to win. Cash and Sammy walked over to the green car, attempting to gloat, but were shot by a strange yellow beam that trapped them both in a yellow, impenetrable bubble. The owner of the green car was none other than evil genius Gizmo. With Cash and Sammy trapped, Gizmo took the T-Car for himself and drove off.

Later, Cyborg finds Cash and Sammy trapped in the bubble and interrogates them. They tell him about Gizmo and where he was headed. Despite the information they gave him, Cyborg leaves them in the bubble so the cops can pick them up later.

Even later that night, Cyborg returns to the drive-in, having lost Gizmo. Raven arrives to talk to Cyborg but notices Cash and Sammy talking to a waitress. Cash explains to the girl that somebody saved them before the cops arrived, but, before he can finish his sentence, they are both grabbed using Raven's telekinesis powers. Raven vows that the cops will get the delinquents this time.

Cyborg, noticing the boys' car, takes their keys to go chase Gizmo. They are forced to allow him to take it.

Sometime after the Titans leave, the police finally arrest Cash and Sammy. They are transported with Overload inside a large prison truck.

After Overload temporarily escapes the truck, he is once again beaten and thrown back inside. Cash, Sammy, Gizmo, and Overload are all taken to jail.


  • Driving: Cash is decent driver, having beaten Gizmo in a race with the T-Car.[1]


  • T-Car (Formerly): Cash temporarily hi-jacked the T-Car, but, after winning a race, the car was stolen again by Gizmo.



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