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Cassander Wycliffe Baker was a genius detective during the 20th Century and an enemy of the Designer.

Cassander Wycliffe Baker was a genius detective who was often employed in the 20th Century to investigate and solve crimes. As a young man, he often came into conflict with a criminal who would later become the Designer. Baker spoilt his plans at every turn, no matter how much difficult they got. After 20 years of their rivalry, the Designer realized he needed to make an infallible plan and spent a year doing so. When he finally sprung his trap, Baker went into retirement out of humiliation and the fear he experienced at his hand.[1][2][3]

A young Bruce Wayne after receiving training from everyone else he could get, tracked Baker down and tried to convince him to train him in the art of investigation. He however refused, telling him he just wanted to be left alone and how he had been terrorized and humiliated in past by his nemesis. Bruce insisted that he train him, and Baker soon shocked him by telling him he knew he was from Gotham City. From the condition of his body and get-up, he proceeded to state where else he had been to train. He also showed him that he had collected the images of Gotham he had been drawing, indicating he knew he had been following him beforehand. He again refused when Bruce requested, but stated he'll teach him the most important thing - to lose.[2]

When he passed away some time later, the Designer remarked that it was as a pale shadow of his former self.[1]