Cassandra Cain was a covert operative employed by Batman. She revealed herself to the rest of the Batman Family when they encountered the threat of the mysterious Mother.


Cassandra was the daughter of David Cain, an operative named "Orphan", who worked as an assassin for Mother. He raised Cassandra alone and forced her not to speak but to "listen" to body movements and react accordingly, with deadly precision. She was intended to be a "gift" to Mother, to show her that child assassins could be manipulated through "the old ways" instead through the use of drugs. Mother rejected her and told Orphan never to do anything behind her back again. Nonetheless, she was used by Mother in the field. She was sent to kill Miranda Row, mother of Batman's ally Harper Row.

Batman and Robin Eternal

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As Orphan, Cassandra is later inducted into Batman and Batwoman's "boot camp" for young Gotham vigilantes. [1] Orphan is known for being the best fighter on the team. She tries to fight the team's battles alone and is known for sneaking into Stephanie Brown's apartment in the middle of the night. When Batman is attacked by the Colony, she tries to take them on by herself and is left injured and later sedated after leading the Colony into their base. Clayface, helps Batwoman, Red Robin, Spoiler, and the injured Orphan escape.



  • Grapple Gun: Cassandra frequently utilizes a grappling gun not unlike that used by Batman.



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