Batgirl is one of the younger Tiny Titans, who goes to Aunt Harriet's Daycare Center rather than Sidekick City Elementary.

First appearing amongst other sidekicks in Aunt Harriet's Daycare Center, Cassandra doesn't join the others in dressing in Robin costumes, instead motioning that she preferred to be like Batman.
When the daycare children all went to the Batcave, Cassandra gravitated towards the Batsuits where she gave Alfred back his signed picture of Dan Didio. In return, Alfred gives her a Batgirl costume which she wears to scare Barbara Gordon when she arrives to pick up Tim and Jason.

When the costumes of the Bat Family are turned pink after being mixed in the wash with the red capes of the Super Family, Robin has trouble adjusting to the new color. When he is brought along on a trip to the toy store with Raven, Barbara and Cassandra, only to discover it was to the "Pink Aisle", Robin snaps into a running tantrum that is abruptly cut off when Cassandra uses a Batrope and Batarang to trip and tie him up.


  • Cassandra's Batgirl costume is slightly different in the Tiny Titans universe as her suit possesses a skirt that is not featured in her canon-universe suit.



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