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Cassandra Cartland was the thief Alley-Cat, an old friend and rival of Catwoman.

Cartland was an orphan who spent time at the same orphanage in Gotham City as Selina Kyle. Some years after Selina had escaped and begun her criminal career as the Catwoman, Cartland, who by now had also reached adulthood and was on her own, realized that the Catwoman was Selina and got the idea to mimic her former schoolmate's career. To do this, she assembled her own costume and weaponry that were similar to Catwoman's and embarked on her own rampage of thievery.

Because Cartland also chose to operate in Gotham City, it was perhaps inevitable that her crimes would come to the attention of Catwoman herself and that a confrontation would take place. The conflict between them was interrupted when both women were attacked by Cybercat, who wished to use them both in a series of warped psychological experiments using a device she had invented and planned to sell to a terrorist group. In the end, Cybercat's attack proved to be a failure, as Catwoman and Alley-Cat stole the device from her and destroyed it. Alley-Cat was then turned over to the police by Catwoman.