Cass was a ghost friend of Gen 13's Freefall.

Cassandra, or simply Cass, was an ordinary woman until her Gen power kicked in. Once it had, she was able to read people's minds, but it got too much for her. All she heard was the thoughts of those around her, mostly negative thoughts, some directed at Cass, and so she tried living away from everyone for a while. A few weeks went by, and she had cut her wrists while in the bath, and so she died.

After her suicide, she was unable to get into the afterlife, so she wondered around Earth as a ghost. She met Roxy after she too had died. The two of them watched over the members of Gen 13, when they had a call out about an energy pool which had opened up in the desert. Cass and Roxy went ahead to check it out before Gen 13 arrived, but they found most of the members of The Freaks.

Eventually, Cass and Roxy discovered that Trance had control over Lynch, so Cass pretended to be Rainmaker's spirit guide, Dances Like Prairie Fire, to convince Rainmaker that Lynch is being controlled by Trance. It worked, and Rainmaker shocked Lynch so that he would no longer be under Trance's control. This, in turn, allowed Lynch to turn off the power dampeners, and Gen 13 were able to defeat the Freaks.

After Gen 13's victory, Cass was able to enter the afterlife, and while she travelled to it, Roxy fell back down to Earth, and awoke in the stasis chamber.


  • Ghost
    • Telepathy
    • Flight: Cass was able to fly when she was a ghost, and after being allowed into the afterlife, she had wings to fly up.



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