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Cassie Sandsmark, initially known as the superhero Wonder Girl, was a brave honorary Amazon and a member of the Teen Titans. She was one of the survivors who took refuge on Earth-2. Some time later, Cassie would take up the mantle of Wonder Woman, since her predecessor Diana had become one of the Anti-Living after being infected.

Wonder Girl was temporarily brought to the Fortress of Solitude, in Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet when the techno-organic viral version of the Anti-Life Equation spread around the world.[2]

The island of Themyscira became one of the last few refuges for the survivors during the outbreak until a horde of infected Atlanteans led by Aquaman riding a Kraken, put an end to the island and the Amazons.[3]

Wonder Girl fought bravely alongside the Amazons of Themyscira so that the surviving humans could take off on the ark prepared to leave the Earth, but Queen Hippolyta made her leave in the ark by giving her her crown and her last words addressed to her daughter Diana.[3]

Dead Planet

Five years after the survivors had fled Earth, Cassie had succeeded Diana as Wonder Woman. She accompanied Batman (Damian Wayne) and Superman (Jon Kent) back to Earth to investigate the distress signal sent by Cyborg, who had been thought dead for years.[4]







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