Cassandra Spellcraft was heir to the Spellcraft clan, a line of failed pharmacists who turned to alchemy for quick - and illicit - gain.

As alchemists, the Spellcrafts were brilliant but often careless, with Cassandra's three immediate foremothers all killed by their own experiments.

Well aware of her family's reputation, but no less ambitious for it, Cassandra acquired a husband - and assistant - in Cabala and set out to conquer Gotham City with her inventions. Her efforts proved successful for a time, even allowing her to recruit six of Gotham's most infamous arch-criminals, but ultimately proved no match for Batman, whose own intellect counteracted her inventions and overcame her gang.

Cassandra was then sent to Gotham State Penitentiary, where she presumably remains to this day.


  • Camouflage Pills: Provide eight hours of invisibility when swallowed. According to Cassandra, the effect immediately fades if the user loses consciousness.


  • Alvino Ray Gun: Alters the structure of cellular molecules, reducing any living victim to an immobile, two-dimensional figurine. The effect is not (immediately) fatal, but leaves the victim totally unconscious.

  • Cassandra was portrayed by British-born actress and director Ida Lupino. Her husband Cabala was played by Lupino's real-life (albeit estranged) husband Howard Duff.
  • Though Cassandra never officially appeared in the * According to Stanley Ralph Ross, Cassandra's name was derived from that of a young girl who lived next door to him, and constantly asked for an appearance on Batman.[1]



  1. Eisner, Joel. The Official Batman Batbook. Contemporary Books, Inc. 1986. ISBN 0-8092-5035-7 p. 159

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