Clayface is one of the many opponents of Batman.

Hired by Joker, he murdered Catwoman and ran anyway. Eventually caught, he ended up for years in Arkham Asylum.

When his son, Chris Cassius, inherited powers similar to his, he got visited by Catwoman and Batman's daughter: Huntress. Fascinated by Huntress' suffering, he begged her to pose as a model for him, but she refused. In retaliation, he confessed his crimes, stirring pure hatred from the crime fighter.

Soon after her visit, Clayface escaped from Arkham to confront his son. He momentarily interrupted Chris Cassius who had started to attack a gala, telling him he knew he wasn't committing crimes for his father but to prove he was superior to his father. Something Clayface didn't particularly like. As the Birds of Prey had infiltrated the gala to stop Chris Cassius, their reunion got shortened and a fight soon arose. When he got defeated, Clayface only expected to be killed, encouraging Huntress to do it. However, Oracle convinced her to spare him. Disappointed, he didn't fight when the the police arrested him to bring him back to the Asylum.





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