Cassius Payne is the son of Preston Payne, better known as Clayface III and Sondra Fuller, aka Lady Clay.

As his mother, Cassius inherited certain shapeshifting abilities at a very early age. When he was still a toddler, Cassius was kidnapped by the serial killer known as Abattoir, who used the boy to blackmail his parents. After Clayface III followed Abattoir's command, he allowed Cassius to return to his father, who was soon captured by the new Batman. Clayface III was taken by the authorities and Cassius was then taken to a S.T.A.R. Labs facility.[1]

Currently, the bio status of Cassius shows that if a piece of him is separated from his body, it can grow a mind of its own, but its though are mostly a "retarded" form of Cassius's own desires. If bonded with another human (i.e. Claything), it can give that human Clayface-like abilities, such as metamorphosis and durability, and Payne's ability to melt objects, all easily done with a thought. It is unknown if a person can gain different abilities when bonded with a piece of Cassius.


  • His name, "Cassius," is a pun on "Cassius Clay," the birthname of legendary boxer Muhammad Ali.



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