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The Cat King is a seductive shapeshifting trickster cat spirit with nine lives, who protects all cats and takes a keen interest in Edwin Payne.


  • Unique Physiology
    • Immortality
      • Resurrection: The Cat King can be injured, wounded and killed like a normal human, but when killed he is resurrected after a short amount of time as a cat.
    • Pheromone Control: The Cat King possesses the ability to cast a spell that forced people around him to tell the truth.
    • Teleportation
    • Metamorphosis: The Cat King can change his physical form from cat to human and vice versa. He can also shapeshift into different humans with the exception that his eyes remain the same.


  • Limited Lives: The Cat has admitted that he only possess nine lives, and if he dies nine times, he will be dead permanently.

  • The Cat King is portrayed by Lukas Gage.