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Quote1 'Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.' And I believe you and I have suffered much, young Olive. Quote2
--A.S. Scarlet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 Alienor Frych stood at a distance as a witness to the crime, protecting Beatrix like her life depended on it, all while noting the names and faces of every single body in the crowd, every individual responsible. Quote2

--A.S. Scarlet (Prime Earth)

Quote1 The Book focuses on Amity Arkham, a woman of many gifts. Gifts and practices not appreciated by the people of the settlement, the future citizens of Gotham City. Despite the fact that her brother, Ezekiel Arkham, was one of the founding fathers, she was punished for not conforming, for attempting to corrupt the growth of Gotham. And, oh my, the list of names responsible for her death is long. Some family names so familiar that even you children might recognize them. Amity cursed them all for what they did to her. Cursed them and their children. And their children's children... Quote2

--A.S. Scarlet (Prime Earth)

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