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Quote1 As uselessness against the color yellow is a necessary impurity of the ring, so do you Terrans all have an impurity -- your self-doubt. Quote2
--Abin Sur (New Earth)

Quote1 The Corps is the root of all order and knowledge. The Corps is the maintainer of life and guardian of truth. Without the Corps there would be only chaos and darkness. The Corps is without fear. Without anger or corruption. It is the creation of a highly-evolved mind and maintained by like beings whose destiny it is to maintain the order of things in the universe. The Corps has battled against the forces of chaos for a millennium. To serve is the ultimate honor. Knowledge is the sum of all reason and perception. Power is force prevailing over mass. Power without reason is chaos. Force without knowledge is destructive. The Corps is ultimate knowledge harnessed to ultimate power. The Lantern is the source. Quote2

--Abin Sur (New Earth)

Quote1 In my arrogance I belittled the earthers, thinking them not worthy of being true heroes. I will not do so again. Quote2

--Abin Sur (New Earth)

Quote1 You have been chosen for one reason. You are a man that will overcome great fear. Hal Jordan of Earth. Do you accept this duty? Quote2

--Abin Sur (New Earth)

Quote1 ' Quote2

--Abin Sur (New Earth)

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