Acting represents an individual's ability to perform and/or act as a person other than themselves. While primarily a pedestrian talent, the art of acting can also prove vital in the field of undercover investigative work. During World War II, the mysterious American agent known only as the Unknown Soldier frequently disguised himself as enemy agents in order to gain important information. On some missions, the Soldier was forced to take the place of an operative (usually Nazis), and his acting ability was so precise that he even fooled the target's closest colleagues. Batman employs his acting talents as well in his never-ending war on crime. Although he has disguised himself as many individuals over the years, his most widely used persona is that of gangster/con-man Matches Malone. As Malone, Batman has infiltrated the inner circles of some of his most notorious adversaries, including the Penguin. Other characters have used their ability to act in a professional manner. Elasti-Girl was a movie actress, while her stepson, Garfield Logan was a famous child actor who starred on a popular science fiction television program called Space Trek 2022. Alfred Pennyworth and Laura De Mille on the other hand are both veterans of the theater.

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