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Quote1 Three months after my twentieth birthday, I got food poisoning from Indian take-out. It was the Chicken Tika-Masala. It was sure good going down. Quote2
--Adam Heller (Blood and Water)

Quote1 Dude, I've been suffering from Hepatitis and liver failure for years. I'm on the varsity squad of vomiting. I can take it. Quote2

--Adam Heller (Blood and Water)

Quote1 No. All of this is because of me. It killed Josh. It's gonna kill me and you. We don't run. We fight. Quote2

--Adam Heller (Blood and Water)

Quote1 I am a great many things. I am a liar! I am a cheat! I am a weakling! I don't deserve a second chance! But on my worst ****ing day -- I am nothing like you!!! Quote2

--Adam Heller (Blood and Water)

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