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Quote1 Adrian Chase is dead. I am... the Vigilante! Quote2
--Adrian Chase (New Earth)

Quote1 Maybe I no longer care about the law... Maybe I just care about what's right. Quote2

--Adrian Chase (New Earth)

Quote1 We can't continue to let those who are innocent suffer while the guilty get away without punishment. While trying to be fair, while hoping to be merciful, we've forfeited fairness and mercy. In the name of Justice, we've cheerfully sold off the right of the honest man to live off the fruits of his honest work. So Stay here and Work here, because if you flee, if everyone runs, then you've surrendered your life, your happiness, and your freedom to the criminal element. In effect, you've allowed them to win. And it's time for the little man to win. Quote2

--Adrian Chase (New Earth)

Quote1 When I started playing the Vigilante it was to correct miscarriages of justice. Maybe I've grown up a little since then, but there aren't as many simple solutions as I thought. Quote2

--Adrian Chase (New Earth)

Quote1 When in doubt, try anything! When in dire straits, try everything! Quote2

--Adrian Chase (New Earth)

Quote1 It's funny. Somewhere, I knew I wasn't going to live out this night. God knows I was giving Death every opportunity... but the body wouldn't cooperate with the mind. The organism wanted to live. What the Hell did it know? Quote2

--Adrian Chase (New Earth)

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