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Quote1 You gave us the gift of your friendship, you saved my wedding day... but most of all, you returned my brother to me... Quote2
--Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)

Quote1 I was wrong, Adam. It was never you that needed was the rest of the world. The world of men that created such horrible creatures. The evil needs to die. I thought that we could be above them, but...for the pain they put our family through...avenge us. Quote2

--Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)

Quote1 Nothing will escape nature, Adam. And as Isis, I am nature. Quote2

--Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)

Quote1 I can still feel the vile breath of Pestilence across my face as he and the other Horsemen destroyed our home -- our lives -- in Kahndaq. I remember dying. Quote2

--Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)

Quote1 I'm the Goddess of Life, but you embraced death to bring me back. Every soul you extinguished... every innocent you murdered... I saw it. Felt it. Quote2

--Adrianna Tomaz (New Earth)

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